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Top 10 Amazing Travel Deals in South America

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With today’s weak dollar, travelling to the usual destinations preferred by the American tourists such as Italy, France and the United Kingdom, has become increasingly expensive. Yet with some creativity our money can still can go a long way. Here are some vacation deals that will make you forget the allure of the famous European cities without breaking your bank.

Whether you want a romantic escape in a picturesque city throbbing with nightlife, a beach vacation in world renown location or adventure travel that will take you river rafting in the Amazon or hiking Mayan ruins, you will find plenty of money saving choices here.

Adventure travel

Top 10 Cheap vacations – Peru


With it’s lush rain forests, colonial cities and world famous ruins, Peru is one of the most interesting locations in South America and what’s more it’s very cheap. Adults enjoy the low prices and sightseeing options and the children love the animals and colorful country. Meals tend to cost between $1 to $3 in local restaurants and prices ‘soar’ to $5 in tourist areas. Travelers pay approximately $70 a night for lodging in cities like Lima and Cuzco, but elsewhere the rates can go even lower.

If you are considering a vacation in this tropical paradise consider these options.

Top 10 cheap vacations – Machu Picchu


For $600, hotel stay and transport (not airfare) included, you can take a 2day visit to the Inca Trail. This 2 day Inca Trail Trek lets you experience the incredible Machu Picchu, without sleeping in a camp on the hiking trail. This trail is the pinnacle of Peruvian adventure tourism with stunning scenery, and thought provoking history. Transportation and accommodation are of the highest standard and include first class train rides and luxurious hotels.

Top 10 cheap vacations – Amazon River rafting


Another unbeatable deal at $760 for the adventure travelers is a 4day river rafting expedition in Apurimac – the source of the Amazon River. The Apurimac River rafting trip takes you to the source of the Amazon River where you’ll raft through white granite canyons and over mind blowing rapid runs. You will also be experience the amazing scenery and varied wildlife of the beautiful Apurimac Valley. All accommodation, expert guides, camping and rafting gear is included in the price.

Sight-seeing and nightlife

Top 10 cheap vacations – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Thanks to the economic collapse of what was once one of the most expensive countries in South America, Argentina has become one of the cheapest deals in South America. Budget travelers can get on with less than $35 a day but those willing to spend about $150 for a couple can feast on gourmet meals and great hotels. The world famous Argentinean nightlife and great dining experience make Buenos Aires the perfect vacation destination for the young budget traveler who is looking for all night partying and good fun.

For the more mature visitor, Buenos Aires offers stunning scenery and is for great sightseeing, bargain shopping and offers plenty of other activities that will keep you entertained throughout your stay. The only glitch is that dinner is usually served at 10pm so this travel destination is not the best choice for families with young kids.

Top 10 cheap vacations – Santiago, Chile


Even though Santiago is one of Latin America’s most sophisticated metropolitan areas, this great location is another bargain deal if you are travelling to South America. Hotels can go as low as $50 to $150 for luxury accommodation. This city has interesting museums and art galleries, picturesque markets and unique colonial buildings. What’s more since Santiago lies in a valley at the foot of the Andes Mountain you can go for swimming in the beautiful warm sea in the morning and visit world renown skiing resorts in the afternoon. Restaurants can be found at reasonable prices, and this city offers some great wineries – you can even take a wine tour to explore more of what Chile has to offer. All these ingredients make Chile the perfect bargain metropolitan vacation in South America.

Beach vacations

Top 10 cheap vacations – Mexico beaches


If you want a flavor of a rich colorful culture without travelling all the way down to Chile or Peru you can try Mexico. Once you stay off famous resort towns like Acapulco, Cancun and Los Cabos, Mexico beaches can still offer plenty of value for money. Couples can travel comfortably on $75 a day. Pretty colonial cities like Guanajuanto and Guadalajara will make for great family vacations that won’t break the bank and there are plenty of other options for families with children. Most kids enjoy the Copper Canyon train trip in Central mexico. Vacations can start at $500 per person including flights.

Top 10 cheap vacations – Rio de Janeiro Brazil


It is impossible to leave out Brazil when making a list of the best vacations in South America. From the lively Copacabana to the upscale Ipanema, Rio’s beaches are crucial to this city’s culture and you simply cannot visit Rio without visiting these amazing slices of heaven. Rio de Janeiro is an excellent choice whether you are a single traveler looking for adventure or a couple looking for an active romantic escape. The city pulses with sensual samba rhythms and the nightlife scene is sizzling. There is a palpable air of excitement and vivaciousness in this colorful and throbbing city and no other place in South America can compare to the legendary fame of Rio. Shopaholics will also find plenty of places to plunder if they go to Barrashopping – a vast complex with more than 600 stores or they can simply check out the vendors strolling on the sandy beaches for a taste of beach souvenirs.

Hotel prices start at approximately $150 per night but bed and breakfasts can easily go down to $100 depending on what amenities one is after. Flights to Rio from NYC start at approximately $500.

Top 10 cheap vacations – Margarita Island, Venezuela


Located off the north shore of Venezuela, Margarita Island is has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and thanks to its 320 days of sunshine every year, this is the ideal vacation for those you like snorkeling, scuba diving and general beach lounging- and save plenty of cash. El Mercado De Los Conejeros on the outskirts of Porlamar offers unique souvenirs handcrafted by Amazon Indians and thanks to an amazing exchange rate, one can find hostels for as low as $14 a night and eat for around $7. The nightlife is also great and one can find an array of bars, clubs and discos to party till the early hours.

Top 10 cheap vacations – Honduras’ Roatan Island


Another great spot for a bargain beach holiday is Roatan Island in the Honduras. This coastal island has picture perfect beaches and since it isn’t plagued by the street crime that characterizes the rest of the country, it is one of the best locations to enjoy a Caribbean vacation without paying a hefty price tag. This island is great for scuba diving at a discount. If you are travelling on a shoe string budget you can find lodging for $10 a night, but can also find more luxurious accommodation in the region of $100 to $200. Gourmet meals cost approximately $15 and during the off-season you can even grab a dive package with highly discounted or even free hotel rooms.

Top 10 cheap vacations – San Jose Costa Rica


With its breathtaking coastline offering fine sand and azure water Costa Rica is hard to beat when it comes to great beach vacations. Playa Dominical is a world renown spot for surfing but if you are travelling to Costa Rica you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. Thanks to it’s mineral pools and magma heated lagoons Costa Rica offers an amazing experience for those who seek to relax and enjoy the beauty of this country.

A four star hotel in San Jose will cost you approximately $150 a night but there more affordable options include budget accommodation at $ 55- $65. Flights from NYC to Costa Rica cost between $300 to $350 depending on the season.

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