India: A Serious Traveler’s Dream


Two years ago, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to India. The people I met, the splendor I saw, the sounds and smells will remain a part of me forever. Some mornings I still awake and look about, taking a few seconds to realize that I …

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The Green Travel Guide


You sort your trash and recycle magazines, newspapers, glass and plastic. You recently created a compost pile in the backyard. Your thermostat is programmed for ultimate fuel efficiency and you just bought a hybrid car. Shouldn’t you continue the same eco-friendly practices on your next vacation? Eco-friendly tourism and green …

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Traveling with Kids in San Diego, California


San Diego Tourist Attractions are a fun family packed adventure for the whole family to enjoy that offers a vast array of entertainment for everyone. The San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park, is one of the most famous zoos around. Known all over the world as the largest zoo that …

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Smart Travel Abroad!


Part 2: How to Beat Jet Lag Jet lag. Even the mention of those two three-letter words makes some cringe. Others dismiss jet lag as nonsense but it is in fact a prevalent phenomenon that has the capacity to make the first few days of a vacation to Europe ones …

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Traveling Without Spending to Much!


Keeping Your Money as You Move My family and I have traveled several times across the United States. As much as we love to travel we have also found ways to keep most of the money in our pockets. I’m going to give a few tips on how to do …

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The Benefits of Family Travel


2nd Honeymoons Can Wait A dream my wife and I had always had was to traverse the waterways of Venice on a Gondola with real Italian slowly navigate our way, serenading us as we sit back into each others arms taking in the beauty of the architecture, sites and sounds …

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Time Travel in Storytelling as a Plot Device


Because the Present Isn’t Complicated Enough Time travel has long been a standby in writing a ripping tale. Dickens knew it; A Christmas Carol would not have been anywhere near as gripping a tale if it hadn’t involved Ebenezer Scrooge jumping to Christmas past, present and future with the help …

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