5 Best Time Travel Movies of All Time


Enjoy These Time Travel Flicks Time travel is movie topic that bridges the gap between sci-fi fans and comedy/drama movie fans. General audiences don’t care much about how the time travel works, as long as it sounds somewhat plausible or completely irreverent and comedic. Sci-fi fans can contemplate and question …

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Simple Tips for International Travel


Simple, but Useful, Tips to Make Your International Journey Easier It use to be that you’d arrive at the airport with just enough time to whisk your way through the security gate and hop on your plane. You didn’t have worry about removing your shoes, or if the security guard …

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Knighthawks Travel to Play Former NLL Champions


The Rochester Knighthawks (8-6) travel to the West Coast to the face last year’s NLL Champion Washington Stealth (8-7) in the Comcast Arena on Saturday, April 16 at 10:30pm ET. The Knighthawks are locked into the third seed in the East Division. With the win in their last game of …

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New York Travel Stories


NEW YORK – A trip to New York City is never just a trip to New York City. You see things you never intended to see and the stories you tell when you return home are not the stories you planned to tell on the way there. My wife Erin …

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Travel on Any Budget


Tips for Making Travel Possible No Matter How Much You Make Traveling is something that is good for the soul. For those of us who crave it, travel inspires us, makes us appreciate the world around us, and makes us grow in our ability to adapt to our surroundings. I …

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Why Time Travel Will Never Be Possible


Is There a Technology for the Building of Time Machines? Time travel into the past and future is a real possibility according to some scientists who believe that Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity can be put into practice. It has been proven that objects moving at the speed of …

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