India Travel: Hawra Bridge at Calcutta


Calcutta is one of the most vital metropolitan cities of India and has the highest population in India. We have visited this city before around two years ago and have been able to visit almost all the site seeing places here. This historical city remains full of tourists all throughout …

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South Korea: Culture Primer for Travelers


When I think of Korea I think of many memories of very beautiful people, fascinating places, delightful food and beautiful colors and scenery. I lived in S. Korea from 1991-1999 as a missionary and taught English as a foreign language and Bible classes. I had many experiences and learned many …

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Travel and Packing the Correct Way


Packing Advice Holiday packing It is a New Year and you have done a lot of traveling. Reflecting back on your travels and packing experiences you see how you could have been done better and you cringe thinking about how you will pack for your next trip in 2007. Here …

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Kids and the Travel Guide to Las Vegas


A Handbook to Some of the Best Things that This City Has to Offer So you have decided to take a trip to Las Vegas, and this time you have decided to bring the kids along? Many families are facing planning such Las Vegas vacations with their kids as well. …

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Live Out of Your Vehicle and Travel the Country

Man checking car tire

Don’t Think of it as Unemployed and Homeless, but Rather Traveling on an Extended and Well-deserved Vacation If you are unemployed and ready and able to change your living situation, or maybe you are not sure how you can pay for it anyway, then living out of your vehicle might …

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Choosing a Travel Agency for San Francisco Tour


How to Get Information about Travel Agencies for a Trip to San Francisco If you are planning a trip to San Francisco you might want to look for a travel agency to assist you. This may reduce your task to a great extent. As San Francisco is a very popular …

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