Summer Travel Guide to London on a Budget


Combining Services Yields Additional Savings London is a city that has a great advantage for Americans: no language barrier. Although English is the common language, understanding the British born English, one often feels the need for translation. Nonetheless, this commonality allows you to board a plane and navigate through your …

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Ten Best American Travel Writers – from Twain to Theroux


Travel writing covers a wide spectrum .Guidebooks emphasize practical touring while travelogues, memoirs and essays are more concerned with a sense of place. Adventure and armchair travel take the reader on trips they may not want to hazard themselves -or cannot afford. The following group of writers include several of …

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Best Summer Travel Deals


Traveling for the summer does not have to cost a fortune. By using the internet for your search, finding the best and cheap travel deals are just at the click of your mouse. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a friend or with your family; there are inexpensive summer vacations that …

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Traveling with Teenagers


Planning the Perfect Family Vacation Ah, the joys of traveling with teenagers. I think we all pay for our raising at this point in our lives. Teenagers are sometimes hard to please. They are interested romantic partners for the most part and this dominates the majority of their thought life. …

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Escape the Snow: Travel to Tucson, Arizona


If the past few months have found you bundled in layers of wool and dreaming of a trip to a sunny, sandy clime, here’s one destination you may not have considered: Tucson. Surrounded by five mountain ranges, most notably the Santa Catalinas and majestic Mount Lemmon to the north, Arizona’s …

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Air Travel


Tips for Single Parents Flying with an Infant Air travel: Tips for single parents flying with an infant Airplane travel isn’t the most comfortable situation that anyone can be on, even for seasoned adult flyers who travel alone. Imagine, cramped space, limited leg room, toilet that you have to share …

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Health and Safety Tips for Fall Travel


Fall brings the change in weather, the different colors in the leaves, people decorating for the festivals and so on. The biggest thing though the Fall season brings is the traveling that will occur during this time. Most people are trying to get in that last weekend road trip before the weather …

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Traveling in Italy – Viaggiare in Italia


Whether you are planning on spending a year in Italy, or only a week or two, there are some things that you should experience when you are there, no matter how long your stay. I’ve compiled a list of three locations around all of Italia, as well as the individual …

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