Men Are from Mars, Women Can’t Afford Space Travel


On Social Inequalities Blaming a culture for its status on the wrong side of inequality is like blaming a bully victim for the cruelties of his tormentor. Even if some internal faults and deficiencies are conducive to subservience, the aggressor is still to blame for the injustice imposed unfairly. Without …

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Travel Tips for Surviving Long Airplane Flights


How to Prepare for Long Air Trips and Make Travelling Less Stressful Air travel in coach or economy class is rarely the most comfortable experience. When flying long distances, air travel can become an especially uncomfortable or difficult proposition – unless you’re one of those lucky people who can fall …

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Seeing Ireland – a Traveler’s Guide


Start Planning Your Trip Now and Be in Ireland for St. Patty’s Day The entire country of Ireland is approximately the same geographical size as the state of Wisconsin. For such a small country in terms of land, it certainly packs a punch. With everything there is to see and …

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Traveling on a Shoestring Budget


How to Cure Cabin Fever with Near-empty Pockets It’s not possible to travel for nothing. Going anywhere, even to the grocery, costs a little. It is possible, however, to travel on the slimmest of budgets and have a good time for almost nothing. The trick is to plan, change expectations, …

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Where to Go and What to Do in Atlanta, Georgia


Whether the family is packing in the van for a summer vacation; a couple, young or old; or a single and friends looking for fun. Atlanta is the great destination for everyone. The climate in summer is temperate to hot, so pack your short, grab a map, and get ready …

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