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Travel Tips

The Benefits of Family Travel


2nd Honeymoons Can Wait A dream my wife and I had always had was to traverse the waterways of Venice on a Gondola with real Italian slowly navigate our way, serenading us as we sit back into each others arms taking in the beauty of the architecture, sites and sounds …

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Travel Diary : Rishikesh


Rishikesh is situated at the foothills of the Shivalik Ranges of the mighty Himalayas. The river Ganges that touches the plains for the very first time here splits the pilgrim town in to two parts. The Beatles 1968 trek to India to seek out the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, with Mia …

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Travel Tips: What to Bring


Being a traveler from South East Asia (SEA) where you do not experience things like the four seasons and where it is hot and humid all year round, there are some special necessities you would want to consider, especially when deciding to go abroad to a wintery country. This guide …

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Road Trip Tips for Solo Travelers


When we think of road trips, we usually think of more than one person, or a couple, having the time of their lives exploring the beautiful scenery while engaging in fun conversations and sing-a-longs. It sounds like it would be more fun, and easy on the driving if you were …

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Places to Travel


Traveling Destinations One of best times in my life have been all the different VACATIONS I have taken throughout the years. The great adventure of visiting places that live somewhat different than I do, creating some magical and very special moments. I have truly been very blessed being able to …

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Air Travel Tips from a Frequent Flyer


Travel Like a Pro When I tell people that I commute to work every week by air, they usually start offering their condolences about how much of a hassle it must be. Then they usually say something about how much they hate airports and travel in general. For most people, …

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Travel Tips for Surviving Long Airplane Flights


How to Prepare for Long Air Trips and Make Travelling Less Stressful Air travel in coach or economy class is rarely the most comfortable experience. When flying long distances, air travel can become an especially uncomfortable or difficult proposition – unless you’re one of those lucky people who can fall …

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Traveling on a Shoestring Budget


How to Cure Cabin Fever with Near-empty Pockets It’s not possible to travel for nothing. Going anywhere, even to the grocery, costs a little. It is possible, however, to travel on the slimmest of budgets and have a good time for almost nothing. The trick is to plan, change expectations, …

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