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When Travel Goes Horribly Wrong


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year? It was 3:30 am Stockholm time and COLD. I groaned and rolled out of bed knowing I had three small children to dress before the taxi arrived at 4:00. The taxi arrived, and we managed to fit ourselves, all three children, our …

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Travels in Botswana in Central Africa


Sights and Sounds of Mysterious Okavango Swamps My flying days took me all across the beautiful sub-continent of Southern Africa. It was a mosaic of lush farmlands, cattle farms and rolling plains. I was fortunate to see more than most travelers, because I am a certified Commercial Pilot and had …

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Air Travel Etiquette


Tips to Make the Skies a Friendlier Place Years ago, a smiling flight attendant brought each passenger a meal and offered free drinks throughout the flight, longer flights had free movies, and check-in officials might offer free upgrades or flight changes to travel-stressed passengers. Flying is different today, however, with …

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Men Are from Mars, Women Can’t Afford Space Travel


On Social Inequalities Blaming a culture for its status on the wrong side of inequality is like blaming a bully victim for the cruelties of his tormentor. Even if some internal faults and deficiencies are conducive to subservience, the aggressor is still to blame for the injustice imposed unfairly. Without …

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