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City or Country Travel Destinations?

JC Nichols Fountain at dusk with Giralda Tower, Kansas City, MO

People who want to maximize their vacation time usually go from one city or country to the next. This kind of travel will allow vacationers to see different places and different cultures in less time. If you are one of those people who like to do things this way, better …

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Kentucky Derby Travel Packages


It is time for the Kentucky Derby which is held annually in at Churchhill Downs. Are you ready to watch on of the best two minutes in sporting history? If you are planning to go you best get your tickets soon. It is time for the Kentucky Derby which is …

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Ten Best American Travel Writers – from Twain to Theroux


Travel writing covers a wide spectrum .Guidebooks emphasize practical touring while travelogues, memoirs and essays are more concerned with a sense of place. Adventure and armchair travel take the reader on trips they may not want to hazard themselves -or cannot afford. The following group of writers include several of …

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Travel Tip – How to Be a Better Hotel Guest


Avoid Being a Bad Guest There you are sound asleep in your comfy hotel bed and – Bam – the guy next door slams his door jolting you wide awake in the middle of the night. You have just experienced a bad hotel guest. They seem to be everywhere these …

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The Green Travel Guide


You sort your trash and recycle magazines, newspapers, glass and plastic. You recently created a compost pile in the backyard. Your thermostat is programmed for ultimate fuel efficiency and you just bought a hybrid car. Shouldn’t you continue the same eco-friendly practices on your next vacation? Eco-friendly tourism and green …

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Time Travel in Storytelling as a Plot Device


Because the Present Isn’t Complicated Enough Time travel has long been a standby in writing a ripping tale. Dickens knew it; A Christmas Carol would not have been anywhere near as gripping a tale if it hadn’t involved Ebenezer Scrooge jumping to Christmas past, present and future with the help …

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Parenting: Traveling Problems with Children


For most adults, vacation traveling is a change of pace, scenery, and routine when cares of home are abandoned for the free and easy life. For many preschoolers, however, traveling is anything but vacation. Young ones thrive on the sense of security offered by familiar toys, beds, and foods, so …

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